1996-1998 University at Buffalo, Bachelor of Fine Arts
1993-1995 Niagara County Community College, Associate of Fine Arts


My color mixing videos have been featured by BuzzFeed, NowThis, and My Modern met. A few of these videos are embedded below.

YouTube Shoutouts

Below are few samples of reaction videos from various YouTubers. In the first video below from SSSniperwolf, she reacts to one of my illusion videos.

In this video, I match the colors as close as possible until it creates the illusion that the paper is blending into the background. The video should start playing at the 10:32 mark.

Here’s another reaction video where SSSnipperwolf reacts to my illusion video where I match the colors of a glass of water. The video should start playing at the 10:43 mark.

Popular YouTuber Chris Klemens reacts to my color matching video where I match the color of a lid from a pickle jar. The video should start playing at the 12:05 mark.

Books and Magazines That Feature Art by Chris Breier

Below is a list of books and magazines that feature my art. Breier’s artwork has appeared in the Artist’s Magazine and books published by North Light books.

Splash 18: Value | Light + Dark

Published by North Light Books, June 2017. Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf.

North Light Books, June 2017- My painting “Buffalo Savings Bank” can be found on page 87. It’s painted in a loose watercolor style that takes advantage of the spontaneous effects that can be achieved with the medium. 

Acrylic Works 4 : Captivating Color!

Published by North Light Books, May 2017. Edited by Jamie Markle.

The theme of Acrylic Works 4 is “color” and this book contains many fine examples of a variety of approaches to using color in an acrylic painting. I was excited to see my painting reproduced in multiple locations throughout the book, including on the back cover.

Strokes Of Genius 8: Expressive Texture

Published by North Light books. November 2016. Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf

Texture is the theme of this drawing book and I used some unconventional drawing tools to create the two drawing that are featured in this book. Both of these ink drawings are on watercolor paper and I created the line drawings with a wood stick that I sharpened to a point.

Strokes Of Genius 8, North Light Books, November 2016
Splash 17: Inspiring Subjects, North Light Books, August 2016
Strokes Of Genius 7, North Light Books, November 2015


The Artist’s Magazine, December 2015

The Artist’s Magazine, Artist of the Month, November 2013

Interviews & Articles

DailyDot Article about TikTokers May 2022

ArtNews, November 24, 2020

DailyPaintworks Interview, February 2015

Draw and Paint for Fun

I started this site so I could share what I’ve learned about art with others. Writing about art also helps me to distill my thoughts about my process and about the techniques that I use.

This site is fairly new but I will be adding more articles about a variety of topics and mediums. There are articles for beginners and advanced artists.

I named it drawing and painting for fun because that’s why I got involved in art as a kid–for the fun of it! Selling my art or having exhibits wasn’t a concern. I enjoyed making drawings and working with color. It’s exciting to see a bunch of lines and shading gradually form into an illusion of reality.

Wherever you are in your art career, I would like to encourage you to continue on with making art. Ignore the critics and the naysayers! The art world can take itself a little too seriously at times. This is unfortunate because I think it intimidates people from taking it up as a hobby. Making art is a form of play and I don’t see why you shouldn’t continue to play as an adult.

The Benefits of Drawing and Painting

Learning how to draw can improve your eye-hand coordination and help you to become more creative. It can also increase your confidence and frustration tolerance. These improvements should also benefit the other areas of your life.

Creating art is much more productive than sitting in front of TV. Art can be a hobby or a full time career. You have no idea where it may lead. I hope this site helps you progress!

Portrait of Chris Breier